What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Community based"

"The people"

"I love them; such a family friendly environment"

"Very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful!"

"Excellent service!"

"Local and knowledgeable"

"Friendly people"

"Good folks"

"Personal service. Great staff."

"Friendly and helpful; local owner"

"The staff; everyone is very helpful and friendly!"

"Personal service, fast service, and being a former independent pharmacy owner means I know I'm helping my community instead of a nationwide chain where you are just a number."

"Great service & the people who work there !"

"They are knowledgeable and keep us apprised of changes in our medicines."

"They have great customer service and care about their clients. They will work with you through situations that arise; you don't find that hospitality in bigger chains."

"It's convenient and it's a local business"

"The people that work there! Love them all. So nice and friendly. Always get my scripts filled fast."

"Fast and efficient"

"Local family business"

"Knowledgeable people."

"Small local community pharmacy; not a large chain."


"Easy access"

"All of the above"


"Ms. Donna and the female pharmacist (her name escapes me at the moment) with blondish hair. Very awesome people and very helpful. Also, there is a young lady who works behind the counter (long hair) who goes way above and beyond in helping customers."

"Local to home and easily accessible."

"All of the above plus the fact that you guys have awesome gifts, clothes, and shoes! I love the fact that it's in my neighborhood."

"Location and staff"

"The wonderful staff and the zero wait time along with all the jovial banter and friendly atmosphere."

"Fast friendly service"

"The people who work there are very friendly and helpful!"

"Community based pharmacy; family owned"

"Customer service"

"Convenience & friendly staff"

"Local and personable staff"

"Always ready to help with my questions."

"Great customer service"


"Local friendly people"

"Personal service and quick service"

"Knowledgeable and helpful"

"Local family business"

"Best pharmacy around with friendly employees!"

"Personal friendly service"



"The small-town atmosphere"

"All employees go above and beyond to try to help in any way they can."

"I love everything about your pharmacy; the convenience, the shopping for myself or gifts, and the fact that I'm known there. Thank y'all for that!"

"The fact that David knows us and does whatever is needed to make sure we get the medication needed. He totally understands the meaning of customer service. Everyone there is friendly and professional, but David exemplifies what should be done."

"Y'all are local and David makes a really good back strap dish for Christmas. Happy hunting"

"Good people; friendly and honest"

"Local. Quick service"

"The convenience, the people, and the shopping"

"Convenient, offers delivery, close by, very friendly"

"Very personal experience and wonderful customer service. We drive out of our way just for the service provided."

"Fast and friendly!"

"You're fair, local, and knowledgeable."

"The personal touch is great. You are more than just a number here."

"The people that work there"

"It's local and the people are knowledgeable."

"Local business; relationships."

"The very friendly employees!"


"Friendly staff, convenient, and informative!"

"The staff is always a breath of fresh air; very polite, knowledgeable, & efficient. Farmer's Drugs and Gifts is one of the best local pharmacies in the area."

"Fantastic pharmacy!!"

"The personal service!"

"Friendly staff. Pharmacist is always helpful and answers all questions."

"Your awesome, sweet, friendly staff!"

"The people"

"Great customer service"

"The personal care"

"Everybody is so nice and knows me by name"

"Owned by hometown people"

"Quick and friendly"

You can help Farmer's by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!